Cryogenic Therapy

The future of medicine is right now in Volusia County.

Cryogenic therapy, or cryotherapy, combats chronic pain and soreness and has made huge strides in the last decade—Even though it was invented in the 1700’s, this “radical” treatment option hasn’t been widely available to the public until very recently. We consider it an effective way to help our patients manage pain. To see what all the buzz is about, call Volusia Family and Sports Medicine at 386-774-0016 to schedule your appointment today. Or read on to learn more...

Keeping It Cool—REALLY Cool!

Cryotherapy uses a mix of liquids with low boiling points, like liquid nitrogen and carbon dioxide, to achieve extremely low temperatures. What those temperatures do is freeze the intracellular fluid (ICF) of skin lesions, like moles, warts and other imperfections. With their insides frozen solid, they are easily removed

“The greatest advantage of cryotherapy is the speed with which it works.”

The results of cryogenic therapy are generally instant—spend about 3 minutes in a cryogenic therapy chamber, and come out feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready to tackle anything. Many famous athletes are known for using cryotherapy during especially demanding parts of their season, which makes many of their feats of strength and agility possible.

“Wealth and fame are not requirements for entry.”

For localized treatment, results are usually visible to the naked eye within 24 hours—even if healing is not complete for 1 to 2 weeks. Cryotherapy has also been shown to accelerate the recovery of joint, tendon and muscle injuries as well.

The Future Is Now—Like, Right Now

Cryotherapy is a safe, rigorously tested treatment method that is guaranteed to help relieve your chronic pain and soreness, and the results of cryotherapy on lesions and skin imperfections like moles and warts is well documented. Call Volusia Family and Sports Medicine, serving the Deland, Orange City and Deltona areas with the latest and greatest in cryotherapy and other cutting-edge treatments. Contact us today!

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