Flight Physicals

Packing Light: Flight Physicals are an Integral Part of Any Journey

Volusia County enjoys a bustling aviation industry, and Volusia Family and Sports Medicine is proud to help aviators, pilots and residents in Debary, Deland, Daytona Beach, and elsewhere stay current and in shape for their next flight.

Call Volusia Family and Sports Medicine at 386-774-0016 to make your appointment today—75.00$ for new licenses, and 90.00$ for renewals.

Whether your newly-issued license is burning a hole in your pocket or you’re renewing it for the umpteenth time, Volusia Family and Sports Medicine will make sure you are cleared for take-off.

“Disease is everywhere—you think if you hop on a plane it won’t find you?’

Traveling within the United States or abroad is a fun and exciting adventure, but it has unseen effects on your body. High altitudes and strange locales weaken your immune system, and your body requires more energy to maintain its natural balance. Until you’ve spent some time in the air or at your destination, your body is at risk.

Federal Protections for Our Flyers

The Federal Aviation Administration requires flight physicals for all pilots. Depending on the type and frequency of flying, these physicals must be renewed every 4-5 years to every 6 months. Volusia Family and Sports Medicine is proud to include FAA certified physicians on our staff, and we offer 1st, 2nd and 3rd class health clearances that are backed by the full confidence of both our doctors and the FAA.

Frequent Flying? Expect Smooth Sailing with a Flight Physical from Volusia Family and Sports Medicine

Our office in Deland is a convenient 15 minute drive from the Deland airport, less than an hour from Sanford and Daytona, within driving distance of Orlando International. Call us at 386-774-0016 to schedule your appointment today, and you’ll be flying high tomorrow! Contact us today.

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