Vaccinations and Therapeutic Injections

The Many Benefits of Vaccinations and Therapeutic Injections: Working Toward a Healthy Future

Volusia Family and Sports Medicine provides vaccinations and therapeutic injections to residents and long-time patients throughout the entire Volusia County area (including DeLand, Daytona Beach, Port Orange, Debary, and beyond).

Our staff is dedicated to making sure your body stays ready to fight influenza, rheumatism, arthritis,chronic migraines, and osteoporosis—Call us today at 386-774-0016 to make an appointment for a vaccination or therapeutic injection today.

The Needle in a Haystack: Which Therapeutic Injection is Right for Me?

The therapeutic injections available at Volusia Family and Sports Medicine include Reclast and Hyalgan infusions, as well as vitamin b12 supplements. These treatments help slow the onset of osteoporosis and arthritis, giving your bones and joints the microscopic building blocks they need to stay healthy and strong.

“The science of vaccination is simple: a little bit of discomfort now, or a lot of it later”

Getting vaccinated is the first and most important step in making sure you and your family are as healthy as possible. Vaccinations are required for children at the start of each school year, and recommended to adults and the elderly on a yearly basis—to fight the constant mutation of influenza and other seasonal illnesses.

“Staying protected is important for your health—and maintaining a strong and responsive immune system starts by getting vaccinated.”

Volusia Family and Sports Medicine is proud to offer you everything you need when it comes to vaccinations and therapeutic injections

Staying Safe All Year Long

Enjoy a happy and healthy year of Florida sunshine along the beaches of Daytona and New Smyrna, cruising the St. Johns through Debary and Orange City, or just relaxing in your own back yard— Confident that you and your family are protected. Contact Volusia Family and Sports Medicine to set up an appointment for your next vaccine or therapeutic injection today!

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